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Developing Digital ID, Private Social Networks and Secure Blockchain Solutions

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What we do


Digital Identity

For generations, Indigenous communities have been impeded by the lack of a recognized government ID, hindering their ability to access financial services and support. Decolonized Capital is committed to bridging this gap, leveraging blockchain technology to create a secure and accessible digital identity solution for these historically underserved populations.


Private Social Network

At Decolonized Capital, we understand the importance of privacy and security in our digital interactions. That’s why we prioritize the protection of user data and steadfastly refuse to exploit or monetize it. Our users are the cornerstone of our business, not a commodity to be bought and sold.


Assets on the blockchain

“Decolonized Capital is at the forefront of utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize asset inventory management. With a deep understanding of the importance of comprehensive asset tracking and record-keeping, we have designed and implemented our private blockchain, the DeCOL chain, to meet the demanding needs of this vital industry.

What Are the Benefits of Blockchain Asset Inventory?

Transparency for Your Supply Chains

When it comes to your supply chain, blockchain can help to create greater transparency and traceability throughout the entire process. This can help to improve efficiency and coordination throughout the supply chain, while also reducing the risk of errors or fraud.

Efficiency of Your Asset Tracking

Traditional asset tracking methods can be slow and cumbersome, often involving manual processes and paper-based records. Blockchain, on the other hand, provides a digital and automated way to track assets, which can help to save time and resources.

Security of Your Asset Tracking

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger, it is much more difficult for hackers or malicious actors to tamper with or alter data. Additionally, blockchain assets are typically stored in encrypted form, which further adds to the security of the data.

Supporting Indigenous and the underserved communities
Bridging the socioeconomic divide for Indigenous Canadians through the power of technology - that's the mission of Decolonized Capital. With a focus on building trust and utilizing traditional First Nation teachings, we strive to address the inequalities caused by colonization and empower Indigenous communities.
Crafting robust and secure technology solutions for everyday applications. Our commitment as a First Nation company remains steadfast, as we strive to improve the lives of Indigenous and Northern communities.
At Decolonized Capital, we are dedicated to addressing systemic inequities faced by communities that have been marginalized by poverty, mental health issues, and addiction. Our mission is to provide support and assistance to these underserved populations, working towards a more equitable and just society through innovative technology solutions.


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